John G. Beverly Hills, California Joseph got me the money I needed in the form of a Line Of Credit. I used the money to install new dual glazed windows throughout my home and give it a much needed facelift. Thank You Joseph for your personal attention and making the Reverse Mortgage transaction a smooth one!
Peter B. Granada Hills, CaliforniaMr. Alpino really helped me out! He met with my children at their homes on separate occasions explaining everything to them and answering all of their questions. He worked with the Reverse Mortgage lender and ironed out details of our irrevocable trust to get it approved and closed on the entire transaction in a timely fashion. Thank You Again!

Donna and Randall M. Ladera Heights, California
We had interviewed with another Reverse Mortgage company and the girl told us that Donna had to sign off the title to get enough money to make the transaction work. Im so glad we met Mr Alpino who contacted us from an infomercial we saw on television. He told us that I would not have to sign off title and could also give us the low fixed rate we were looking for, We got a great appraised value on our property and were able to pay-off our existing mortgage and receive a substantial amount of cash back as well. Thank You Joseph Alpino and The Senior Equity Group!

Margarita R. Los Angeles, CaliforniaWhen my husband passed away unexpectedly he left me with a lot of unpaid credit card bills and a mortgage on our home I couldn’t afford to pay. I listed my home for sale and thought that selling the home we built and loved was my only way out. I was fortunate to be introduced to Joseph from The Senior Equity Group who showed me the way to keep my home, pay-off my existing mortgage and give me some additional cash to repay loans from my family members.
Mr Alpino also showed me how I could possibly repay credit card debts at a discount. Thank You for everything Joseph. Now I can sleep at night!

Maria N. Los Angeles, California
My husband and I responded to a mailer and contacted Mr Alpino to see if he could help us. We met with Mr. Alpino and had our daughter Veronica present also to help explain things for us. Veronica worked closely with him and explained how we needed the Reverse Mortgage to pay-off our existing loan with the bank. Mr. Alpino guided us through a variety of complex issues including the manner in which we held title and dealing with unpermitted structures in our backyard in violation of the Department of Building and Safety. Joseph even took the time to meet with me at our local church down the street and ex[plain the whole process and paperwork to our pastor. Joseph went well beyond our expectations by dealing with all the appropriate departments, clearing the unpermitted structures, and bringing the property into compliance. Overthe next several months Mr. Alpino also assisted us with the installation of a new wall heater,
and the repair of our security quick release bars. We are also getting a new roof installed which was in desperate need of replacement. With the transaction now complete, our family can live comfortably with no mortgage payment burden, a new roof, and a new heater to keep us warm.
God Bless Mr. Alpino and his processor Jennifer at The Senior Equity Group.for all you did to help us through this very trying time!Also this is in memory to my loving husband Antonio who passed away earlier this year in 2009 ….Antonio you will be greatly missed!

Elizabeth G. Burbank, California
I was so happy when I met Joseph Alpino. He told me that I could receive over $60,000 by refinancing my existing Reverse Mortgage into a fixed interest rate. I really needed the money and had no idea how I was going to come up with it.
I had to pay for unexpected repairs of my leaking swimming pool and I had main plumbing line problems as well. I was able to make the repairs and get new decking, electrical, plumbing and a paint job on my house as well. As Avons oldest salesperson and employee now for over 50 years, I can truly appreciate
fantastic customer service.

Thank You Joseph and Jennifer at The Senior Equity Group. I trusted you and you came through for me with everything you promised. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in need of this Reverse Mortgage program!

Maria G. La Puente, California
My son Jesus contacted The Senior Equity Group for me to help with a Reverse
Mortgage to give us additional income we needed for my care. I wanted to keep living in my home and needed to pay for the care. It was getting to difficult for my daughters to take care of me full time. We had some issues to clear up with one of my sons who was on the title to the home with me, but was giving us trouble about signing off the title. He was not entitled to anything as he had never contributed any money to the home. Mr Alpino assisted in reasoning with my son to sign off the title clearing the way for my Reverse Mortgage to be completed.

Thank You for all your help and expertise Joseph, now I have plenty of money to pay for the in-home help that I need without all the burden being placed on my daughters.

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