Reverse Mortgage Calculator

The estimated proceeds from reverse mortgages can be calculated using our reverse mortgage calculator taking into considering several factors including age, interest rate, value of the home and location of the property in question. Reverse mortgage proceeds are absolutely tax-free and the time will not effect social security or Medicare benefits seniors may already be receiving.Borrowers have the option to collect their money in different payment options which includes lump sum, as a line of credit or receive the money through monthly payments for as long as the home remains occupied as the primary residence. The Reverse Mortgage Calculator will provide you an outline of the amount of funds you are eligible to receive. This is based on the Federal Housing Administration standards for a senior homeowner’s eligibility for a Reverse Mortgage loan. The amount available to you is based on your age, your home value, and on the interest rate obtained.

We’ll calculate your maximum borrowing Limit and

* Maximize your Cash Benefits
* Increase your Monthly Income
* Take Cash
* Protect your House

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