Real Life Success Stories

Walter – Los Angeles, California 90031

Walter is an 82 year old single man. Walter lives in a small one bedroom home adjacent to the Golden State Freeway near Dodger Stadium. A gardner by trade, Walter lives conservatively on his Social Security income. He was fortunate enough to purchase his home many years ago which he owns free and clear. He also owns an adjoining small home, on the same lot, which he rents out monthly. The rental home has an existing mortgage on it. Walter likes to spend money playing the small lotteries that are available in numerous states and countries. He has never won anything. The property has fallen into disrepair and needs anew roof and paint job. Walter also has some credit card debts which he would like to retire.

Solution – A HECM Reverse Mortgage
With a Reverse Mortgage Walter qualified to pay off the mortgage and the Credit Card Debts. He also will be able to install the new roof and paint the property. His credit line also enables Walter to receive additional monthly tenure funds to supplement his Social Security Income.

Norma – Los Angeles, California 90036Norma is a 75 year old financially secure single mother. Norma lives in a beautiful home in an affluent area of Los Angeles. Her home was completely rebuilt in 2001. The home is free and clear of any encumbrances. Norma’s daughter who lives nearby needs financial assistance which Norma provides to her. Norma, who is a Real Estate Investor wants to tap into her homes equity to purchase Real Estate bargains that come up from time to time. She does not want the burden of making monthly payments back on a conventional Bank equity line of credit.

Solution – A HECM Reverse Mortgage

Norma qualified for a HECM Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit. Norma may now tap the equity in her home for any purpose she so desires. Should she find that perfect bargain property, she will now have the capabilities to acquire it. Needless to say, Norma is extremely happy with the HECM Reverse Mortgage product.

Corina – Santa Rosa, California 95404

Corina is 68 year old single woman.She had taken out a Reverse Mortgage on her property years ago. She had contacted us to see if there was any way she could receive extra money thru the program. We informed Corina that because she did her Reverse Mortgage years ago when the lending Limit was low, that she was entitled to refinance her Reverse Mortgage and receive extra funds.

Solution – A HECM Reverse Mortgage Refinance

Corina’s Reverse Mortgage scenario entitled her to refinance her existing Reverse Mortgage. Her scenario met the refinance guidelines and she was qualified and able to obtain additional funds to which she was entitled to. Needless to say, Corina was thrilled at the outcome and the service she received from Joseph Alpino and The Senior Equity Group.
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