Key Benefits

The Reverse Mortgage Program provides many benefits for Seniors. These benefits include:

• You (or your heirs) may retain the home when the Reverse Mortgage becomes due, by paying the entire loan balance. The balance may be greater than the value of the home.• You continue to own your home and your Reverse Mortgage Loan will not become due until the occurrence of a Specific Maturity Event. Maturity Events include: The Death of a Borrower(s) or Last Surviving Spouse, failure to pay Property Taxes or Homeowners Insurance, failure to occupy the home as your Principal Residence and failure to Maintain the Property in a satisfactory manner.
• You can get your loan funds through a combination of payment options combination of payment options (such as Lump Sum, Line of Credit, Term Payments, Tenure Payments or a Combination of such.)
• In most cases, the Proceeds of your Reverse Mortgage are Tax-Free. Check with your Tax Advisor.• A Reverse Mortgage may affect eligibility for some government programs. Specifically, SSI and Medicaid may be affected. Please check with your Tax Professional.

Lenders have now begun a Financial Assessment that would qualify borrowers for the Reverse Mortgage. The lenders just want to make sure that you will be able to pay your Real Estate Taxes and Property lnsurances going forward. The purpose of the financial assessment is also to evaluate the borrowers willingness and ability to meet financial obligations and comply with the mortgage requirements as well as to determine whether and under what conditions the borrower meets FHA eligibility criteria.

Please call 888 220-453 for current Financial Assessment information and how it may affect your qualification for a Reverse Mortgage.
• A Reverse Mortgage will allow you to Improve your Lifestyle and provide you with The Financial Independence you deserve.
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